Our mission is to bring out the best in our clients. Now we offer the same “best of you” opportunity as a career through our Beautiful You Permanent Cosmetics Academy. Owner Sheila Bowen is a Permanent Cosmetic Professional and Registered Nurse certified through the SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetics) to provide professional training for those interested in Permanent Cosmetics as a career. Those who love attention to detail and a have a knack for color or design, should consider permanent cosmetics as an ideal and fulfilling career choice.

Beautiful You understands applicants have a busy life already outside of learning a new profession which is why programs are created with flexible scheduling. Most programs occur over a long weekend so participants can maintain previous obligations while learning something new and exciting.

Hours 100

Permanent Cosmetics Fundamentals Program
100-hour course: $6400 (paid before start of course)

Block 1 – July 17-20, 2020
Block 2 – August 21-24, 2020

Block 1 – October 23-26, 2020
Block 2 – November 13-16, 2020

Block 1 – January 15-18, 2021
Block 2 – February 12-15, 2021

Block 1 – April 23-26, 2021
Block 2 – May 14-17, 2021

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Course Information

The Permanent Cosmetics Fundamentals program is a hands on 100-hour program to equip applicants with everything they need to start their own permanent cosmetics business or join an already established studio. Only four students per session are given the opportunity for training to allow one-on-one attention to achieve significant hands on experience. Our fundamental program meets four full days a month followed by meeting a month later to complete the remaining four days over a long weekend. That, along with self-study hours at the student’s discretion, make this program easily manageable for most. Apprenticeships are scheduled based on availability. The concepts below will be covered in the Fundamentals Program to pave students’ path to success:

OSHA Guidelines Integumentary System
Utilization of Tattoo devices State & Federal Guidelines
Sketch Practice – facial features Fitzpatrick Scale
Liability & Prevention Inflammation Process
Allergy Testing Anatomy Overview – bones, muscles & blood vessels
Color Analysis Pigment Selection & Skin Undertones
Needles & Application Manual Method of Permanent Cosmetic Application
Product Distribution Tricks of the Trade
Psychology of the Permanent Cosmetic Process Client Management
SPCP Membership Requirements Rotary Device Method of Permanent Cosmetic Application
Client Expectations & Consultation Marketing, Social Media & Perfecting Photography
Various Application Techniques Client Issues & Resolutions
Proper Goal Setting Insurance Guidelines
Proper Stretching Health Conditions Overview
Qualifying the Client Paperwork Process
Retail Management Business Development

Those interested must complete the following applications to be considered for this program. Application | Contractual Agreement For questions, please contact us for more information.

Hours 100

Microblading and Shading Course
100-hour course: $2900 (paid before start of course)

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Hours 10

Color Correction and Removal in Permanent Cosmetics
$1800 (paid before start of course) This course is for already licensed permanent cosmetic technicians or microblading technicians.

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