Microblading for Eyebrows

Microblading Permanent Eyebrows Springfield MOMicroblading is one of the most popular recent advancements in permanent cosmetics. Although this method has been popular in Europe for many years, the procedure has only recently started being performed in the United States.

The term Microblading may sound a little scary, but there is actually no blade at all. A series of thin flexible beveled needles are placed side-by-side in a device tip. This tip is then drawn through the skin creating a hair stroke of color. This soft hair stroke is used to build a full, natural brow, giving both men and women eyebrows that complement the rest of one’s features and gives aesthetic structure to the face.

Numbing agents are utilized in all procedures at Beautiful You. Approximately 40% of people come back within the first year for a color boost to enrich the color, thicken, lengthen or tweak the shape. After that, on average, a color boost will be necessary every three to five years to keep a complimentary color for your palette.

There are dozens of colors available and often more than one color is used to create depth and realism. Microblading used in conjunction with a powder finish gives beautiful, natural looking permanent eyebrows. Our Beautiful You Permanent Cosmetics professionals have been specially trained in Microblading and have been doing this technique for several years. We’ve performed thousands of Microblading procedures.

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