Areola Restoration With Micropigmentation

Many women (and even some men) must undergo mastectomy, which can require not only the removal of breast tissue, but often nipple tissue as well. This often leads to some disfigurement that can be difficult to cope with. Many women do not realize the options that they have. They assume their only solution is additional surgery. Even many doctors are focused mainly on removing the diseased tissue and may not be as well educated on the artistic methods and benefits to their patients with 3-D permanent cosmetics.

Areola Reconstruction Using Permanent CosmeticsMastectomy patients actually have non-surgical options for reconstructing their nipples. There are a few things that should be considered when opting for nipple reconstruction. If one chooses a surgical option for their nipple reconstruction, they will still need to have a permanent cosmetics procedure to complete the areola around their new nipple.


At Beautiful You, a licensed professional artist and nurse assists you with your size, shape and color choice along with symmetry. Beautiful You specializes in helping to restore the most natural look for areola reconstruction, whether matching to remaining tissue or creating areolas bilaterally across the chest wall.

Using SofTap™ along with the Simplicity method allows precise application of flesh toned pigments that compliment the remaining tissue and the overall color palate of the client. The utmost care is taken in providing personalized service in a private and quiet environment for your comfort. Anesthetics will be utilized minimizing any discomfort during the procedure and your privacy is always maintained.