About Beautiful You – Springfield MO Permanent Cosmetics Studio

Beautiful You - Wake Up Looking Beautiful - Permanent Makeup Springfield MOImagine waking up with a lush lash line that accentuates your eyes, or brows that frame the mirrors of your soul. Has that beauty mark faded over time and needs to be revived?

What Is Permanent Cosmetics?

Permanent cosmetics, otherwise known as micro-pigmentation; permanent makeup; dermalgraphics; cosmetic tattooing and microdermal pigmentation, is the process of implanting permanent color under the skin. By permanent, it means the pigment cannot be wiped from the skin. The skin on our faces replaces itself every 30-days. Over time, the color will fade. This is a good thing because as we age, our colors soften and our preferences change. Over time your permanent cosmetics can change with you.

Welcome To Beautiful You - Permanent Cosmetics Springfield MO Different cultures have adorned their bodies and faces with tattoos made from natural pigments since the beginning of time. Cleopatra is one woman many of us are familiar with. Today, the idea is to create a much more natural look that enhances a woman’s natural lines and features.

Beautiful You employs the manual SofTap™ hand method for permanent cosmetic application. This is a manual kick-off, lifting tissue and depositing pigment versus forming a hole like the traditional electric drill device does. The SofTap™ method allows precise placement of pigment. This technique also allows for hairline strokes when wanted as in the case of eyebrow applications. Beautiful You is the only SofTap™ studio in SW Missouri.  Beautiful You Permanent Makeup Springfield, MO. SofTap™ is easier for clients to tolerate, particularly around the eyes.

Beautiful You also utilizes the Skin Master device for precise application of permanent cosmetics. The Skin Master device applies pigment faster with little disruption to surrounding tissue. Some clients benefit from a combination of both the SofTap™ and Skin Master techniques depending on the look they are trying to achieve. 

Permanent cosmetics is an easy and gentle way to implant color into the skin with a layering effect that will ultimately provide the exact color and line that you’re most happy with. Our permanent cosmetics are applied by a registered nurse using a disposable device to provide maximum comfort, fast healing and complete control, thus insuring client safety and a positive experience.

Permanent Makeup is the Perfect Solution For:

Beautiful You - Smiling Face - Permanent Cosmetic Clinic Springfield MO– Women who apply makeup on a daily basis
– Women who are allergic to conventional makeup
– Women with reduced or lost motor skills
– Active women who are concerned with sweating off their cosmetics
– Entertainers, actresses and models
– Any woman who wants to look her best all of the time